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We are Focus Point Education Academy and we exist to provide children with a solid foundation rooted in morals, values, and social awareness so that every child may live a life of holiness and progressiveness amidst the challenges of modern society. Our mission, purpose, and commitment is to provide the necessary knowledge, skills and role models so that each child can understand, practice and appreciate his/her education and faith.


We are especially devoted to the moral, intellectual, physical, and most importantly, spiritual growth and maturation of each student. We want to create a natural curiosity for learning and exploration in a safe environment created for growth. At Focus Point Education Academy learning will be focused, fun, fresh, inventive, practical and thought-provoking Literacy / Writing, Technology, Mathematics, Science, Arts, and Physical Education.

Early Education


Parent's make hard decisions all the time, but none of them compare to early development decisions for the most precious gifts, our children. Parents know that at Focus Point Education Academy we make it our passion to identify potential, ignite curiosity and discovery, and inspire every child with joy, wonder and love. We guide them on this road to discovery with our research-based standards and assessments along several developmental domains.


Our Nursery through PreK uses a mixed approach, including, FuelEDucation, Abeka and Mother Goose Time Curriculum! We use an advanced approach and mix between traditional and play based learning.

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